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Friday, September 23, 2011

Grand Prize Winner of the EZ View Craft Desk

We're excited to announce the winner from our latest Blog Hop Giveaway.

11 blogs participated and each one selected one preliminary winner to win a ScrapMaBob and one entry into the grand prize!
The 11 preliminary winners are listed in no particular order
1. Donna B.
2. Melissa R.
3. Carolyn W.
4. Cherie G.
5. Marin D.
6. Pamela S.
7. Emily F.
8. Shana F.
9. Margaret O.
10. Marci E.
11. Lisa S.

Thanks to the Grand Prize Winner has been selected.
This lucky lady will win an EZ View Craft Desk in her choice of color- black or white.

The winner is...

Lisa S.

Congrats Lisa!!!

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and support of The Original Scrapbox! Follow/Subscribe to this blog to hear about upcoming giveaways and news.


  1. Congrats Lisa! I was hoping it would be me, but I am sure you are extremely excited! I am 100% jealous of you!! :)

  2. Congratulations Lisa! I'll bet there's some squealing going on at your place right now lucky girl. Enjoy it!

  3. I love my desk, Lisa, I know you will love yours! Congratulations!

  4. What!?! I won! Oh man... You have no idea what this means considering my week! I'm going to do a cart-wheel in my hallway now and my co-workers are going to be give me funny looks! I had to read through the list a couple times to make sure there were no other Lisa S's on there!

  5. Wow, congrats Lisa you lucky, lucky girl!! Enjoy your desk!

  6. Congrats Lisa! I hope I win one of these days too.. cause I think every crafter should have a beautiful desk from scrapbox!

  7. Congratulations Lisa! Enjoy! <3

  8. Not to be a spoil sport but could you verify which Lisa S? I also entered and am a Lisa S

  9. This was the Lisa who won the preliminary contest of the ScrapMaBob and ONE entry into the grand prize drawing. Only one Lisa S. was a prelim winner. We're in contact with all of our preliminary winners before the grand prize drawing so that there isn't any confusion.
    Thanks! :)